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Woldgrain Storage Ltd was established in 1980 and is currently a 85,000 tonne Grain Storage facility, situated at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds approximately 15 miles north of Lincoln. The primary function of the business is to operate as a ‘Farmers Co-operative’,with the storage space being owned by the share holding membership. The Co-operative nature of the business means we operate on a non-profit making basis.

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Full/Part Time Vacancies

There are no full time vacancies at present, but there are always Seasonal Harvest Positions available in the Laboratory or stores, please send your CV with a covering letter to


Go to our News page to find out about the Royal Visitor we had at Woldgrain... WG_210315_nrp-121Wold Grain March 20th 2015.

perten2Oil Analysis

We can now analyse oilseed, to give a breakdown of the different oils within the seed.
This test will distinguish between '00' and HOLL varieties and also highlight high levels of Erucic Acid.
The levels of the following oils are displayed on a Certificate of Analysis
• Erucic
• Linolenic
• Oleic
The test requires a 200g sample.
The charge for an oil analysis is £15 + vat to non-members (free for members)